Refrix has a manufacturing capacity of 26 million liters per month and is suitable for development and packaging for partners in canned and pet packaging of hot filled pasteurized products: nectars, juices and fruit drinks and carbonated products such as soft drinks and energy.

We have a unique department to attend to new clients, ensuring a personalized, fast and efficient service.

We produce over 5 million packages annually for partner customers.

According to magazine Super Varejo N ° 171 (Jul.2015) we are the second largest supplier of energy drinks in Brazil.


Steps for developing a new project

Conceptual analysis of the new product
Budget assessment based on the chosen business model
Product sample development
Development and approval of labels
Signing of the contract and beginning of manufacturing

Aspects that guarantee the production or development of your product


Commitment to the delivery of products.


Excellence in quality control and analysis in the production of the product.

Product Stocking

Wide storage area and team trained to streamline processes.

Capable professionals

Professionals properly prepared and helpful in the definition and fiscal framework of any type of products.

Guidelines and Support

Support in the purchase and control of raw materials specific to each client.

Product Development

Research and Development of products through partnerships with reputable suppliers.

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