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With more than 45 years of experience in the production and distribution of beverages, with remarkable quality and variety, Refrix Envasadora de Bebidas, founded in 1970, has its manufacturing plant installed in the city of Tietê, in the interior of São Paulo. Having 100% Brazilian capital since the beginning of its activities, created from the tradition of its founders, the company today has industrial capacity of more than 26 million liters per month.

Owner of the brands of soft drink and red currant Xereta, nectar, tea and coconut water Vittal and energetic V12 Black, Refrix has, as its clients, distributors, wholesale and retailers throughout the country, as well as in more than 15 countries.

The company is distinguished by the outstanding quality and flavor of its products.

It offers consumers more options with product diversity and competitive prices, always having as main value the respect for its employees, customers and consumers.

Get to know this world of flavors that Refrix offers and be part of building this story!


Develop, produce and distribute quality beverages.


Dedication towards balance between profit, ethics, creativity and dedication
Commitment to deliver the desired results with a sensitivity for urgency
Clear and established internal and external relationships
Continuous improvement of products, services and processes
Reinforcement and development of human capital
Preservation of the Environment

Our services

Production capacity: 26 million liters per month


Located in a privileged area near the main transportation highways, about 140 km from São Paulo and close to large commercial centers, which facilitates the distribution of our products.


Our production incorporates a highly rigorous quality standard; We have control analysis of raw materials, microbiological and laboratory tests throughout the manufacturing and packaging process.


Development and research of specific products to meet different regions and consumption patterns.

Commercial Politics

Totally focused on the excellence of customer service.


Treatment of effluents and solid residues, according to international standards, helping to guarantee the quality of life of the planet.


We have a wide variety in packaging, our plant operates with various PET and can sizes.

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